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  1. hi all. i have an old 98 ford ka without central locking and i have a bit of an issue with the locks.for some reason the lever inside the car keeps springing into the locked position and is causing the key and handle to not work on the outside. does anyone know if this is an easy fix? im hoping that perhaps the connector form the door handle to the lock has come off or something. and advice would be very much appreciated ta rich.
  2. Things To Look For Newbie Here

    hi chaps not sure if this is in the right place. i am after some advice and tips. im going to look at a focus this evening and was hoping to get some info on what i need to look out for. its a 1998 1.6 lx the asking price is £999. i know its gettign on a bit but any advice woudl be very much appreciated. cheers rich.