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  1. Well yeah, I understand that, but you were the course of the accident as you reversed into someone. I don't see what the lorry driver as to do with you reversing into someone. Ok if the lorry driver hadn't of done what he did, then you wouldn't be in the trouble you were, but still.
  2. I don't see what you will achieve? You were at fault for hitting the guy behind. Maybe the lorry driver was at fault for not reallt concentrating, but then again, you had said that he had stopped, so you were in no danger anyway?
  3. He won't get them, says it looks like a van lol.
  4. Thanks :)
  5. My Focus Zetec S and my dads Fiesta Metal, both had a quick wash.
  6. I was more concerned about the base warranty only being 1 year and Ford Protect is an optional extra. The way it's wordered in some places led me to believe that Ford Protect needed to be bought within the first year of the base warranty. Anyway, spoke to them today and Ford Protect is 'activated' if you keep your car serviced.
  7. I'll have a pop down on my day off and have a word with them, just got a bit worried it wouldn't be covered.
  8. I have a Ford Focus Zetec s 1.8 on a 59 reg. I have just noticed that the heaters, all though blowing, will not blow warm air at all. Anyway, looking through the service portfolio, it says the base warranty for Focus is only 1 year. Then goes on to say Ford Protect is an extra 2 years but, Ford Protect is an optional extra. First of all, how would you find out you have Ford Protect and secondly, were would I stand on claiming on the warranty for my problem, the car being over 2 years old. Stupidly, I thought it was a basic 3 years warranty.
  9. All though Asda from time to time sell this and other oil quite cheap, I'm thinking this is store specific due to it having a reduced label on it rather than an SEL label infront of the product, worth a try though.
  10. Fully synthetic or not, it's the one Ford reccomends. Check your local Asda because I just picked up the exact same one he linked to reduced to £13.99.
  11. Firstly, I was replying to someone else who seemed to want to continue the conversation. Secondly, do you actually read what I write or not? I never really said the Police would be bothered, I'm more talking about the the insurance companys who try to get out of paying.
  12. As stated many times the tints are neither here nor there in what they look like to me, that doesn't bother me. The fact that it's illegal which would invalidate your insurance is the main point here. I can't believe how many people seem to be laid back in someone that is basically driving about with no insurance. Lets face it, insurance companys will try to get out of paying if they don't have to. The point for me wasn't the look of his car or whether they suit the car, more if he crashes into someone with illegal tints on the car. Would you be like this if he had crashed into you with no insurance? We all know the answer to this don't we, you will be calling for him to be jailed and all sorts, so why do people take the 'I'm not bothered' approach just because it hasn't happened yet. The more stupid people of our roads the better and if that means stupid people that tint their front windows so they are illegal, then so be it. See I don't want people with no insurance crashing into me and maybe causing me or my family/friends injury or death. EDIT I know we are supposed to be moving on, but I feel that the topic of illegal tints and no insurance is very on topic seeing as someone posted saying they have illegal tints on their car.
  13. You are not insured and I've just explained why and you are calling me an idiot? Just because you have a certifacate which shows you have bought insurance does not actually mean you are covered and always will be covered for the period you are with them. You have invalidated your insurance by breaking the law. I never said I was an 'anybody' I just basically commented on how foolish you were. You might think it's just 2% to dark so the Police won't pull you up, but when you start thinking further, you realise how serious of an issue it can be.
  14. Your actually not insured. You have broke the T&C's and agreement of your insurance company. Just because you pay monthly or have paid it all off is neither here nor there. You are breaking the law and thus have invalidated insurance. The fact your insurance company down't know this yet is also irrelevant. I might be the only one 'stressing' but I want idiots like you off the road.
  15. As already stated, I'm not actually that bothered about the windows, more the fact people have to share a road with an uninsured driver. The fact you think that's pretty funny says more about you than it does me to be totally honest.