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  1. Moderators please read

    I Got one too!!!! At least i felt important for all of 2 seconds!!!
  2. hi, ive not had mine long but have got an st 170, so far it has cost me £48 + vat for a throttle pedal position sensor, which was main dealer only, plus £35 + vat to have it plugged in to tell me the fault, Another £10 to have engine management light turned off after fault had been rectified, mine has xenon headlamps which as im sure you will know are not cheap, £91 + vat each side! And ive found that it does like to drink fuel! But thats to be expected really from an st! to sum up my opinion, Although maybe a bit more expensive to run, Well worth it for sporty looks and i have to say EXCELLENT handling, Hope this helps, regards Mark. And by the way, faultless for some time now...