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  1. Heater Fan Blower Only Works On No4

    Cheers Phil that would be great if you could and I will get a filter this week. Phil
  2. Heater Fan Blower Only Works On No4

    My heater has only worked on 3+4 since I got it, fitted new resistor and it worked on all settings but that blew in a few minutes, checked fan and its running free. Tried putting a new thermal fuse on my old resistor and still only working on 3+4
  3. Speedo And Dials Issue

    Thanks for that have to get one when I next get paid, hope it lasts until then !
  4. Heater Fan Blower Only Works On No4

    Tried changing thermal fuse on mine with no joy !
  5. Speedo And Dials Issue

    Is there any particular type it needs ?
  6. Speedo And Dials Issue

    There doesnt seem to be any issues with the battery starts up no problems.
  7. Speedo And Dials Issue

    Since I got my 1999 1.8 Focus everytime I start it up all the dials do a full sweep and occasionaly the trip meter resets to zero. It has no problems starting but just wondered why it does this ?
  8. Fan Not Working.

    Heater worked fine on all blower settings until resistor burnt out, beginning to think it was a duff part. Going to go to Maplins at weekend and get a thermal fuse and see if I can fix the original one by cutting the old one out and soldering a new one in !
  9. Fan Not Working.

    Had the motor out today it seems ok just wd40 it and stuck it back in, hopefully they are going to replace the resistor for me.
  10. Fan Not Working.

    its a 1999 1.8 petrol.
  11. Fan Not Working.

    Is it easy to get motor out and will it need replacing if its tight or just lubricating. Before I put the new resisistor in it ran fan on setting 3&4.
  12. Fan Not Working.

    Ever since I got my Focus the fan has only worked on setting 3+4. I got a new heater resisistor off ebay that worked fine for about ten minutes and then burnt out and I now only have a fan that works on setting 4. Is it something else causing the resistor to short or could it just that the ebay item aint that good ?
  13. 6000 Cd Problem

    None of the buttons do anything at all.
  14. 6000 Cd Problem

    My son recently bought a KA and the CD player, its a 6000 model, did not have security front, got one off ebay and Cd player now comes on but none of the buttons seem to work to put the code in any ideas, Thanks.