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  1. well u,ll need a new clutch kit, a high car ramp and the toles to do the job and lots of experience,all auto parts shops will sell them, but to be honest it will be easier to get your local garage to do it all, because believe me its not that easy to do,and if its not 100% right ur f..ked, a garage will charge you around £160-180, and takes a few hours, hope this helps.
  2. i got my responce from the garage and its gonna cost $1100 to repair, and the better news is there gonna repair it,so they must of valued it higher than that to ok the repair. that was last week, so i went to collect it yestaday and the bonnet doesnt sit down properly, so ive had to leave it again,and the drivers side alloy has been very badly scratched, i wasnt very happy, they tried to deny the damage, but i have photos of me car before the garage collected it, but i must admitt the repair looks great, cant wait to get it back. the 17th they recone.
  3. i know mate, still awaiting the verdict, i,ll probebly wont get hardly anything back, even no it was in great condition and low milage,
  4. im awaiting the verdict from the insurance garage. but on sight it was front bumber, bonnet, and both front wings, and its pushed me headlights rite back in to the engine,
  5. well even know i was exspecting it, yeah mate, but regretfully some one revearsed into me on weds, so the front end has been crushed in mate, im just awaiting the verdict of the insurance garage, all the time and effert ya put in and that happens, gutted.. its worth more to me as a car than the cash i,ll get back.
  6. i put on some new stalks, worked a treat mate, nice one.
  7. hi, ive just changed my wifes wheels from 15inh to 16,s of a mondeo, on her escort gti, shes convinced the tyre pressures are 28 psi all round, mine are at 31 psi, which i think is right, but she wont budge, can someone tell me whats the recommened tyre pressure for 16 inh alloy wheels, so she can see for herself. thanks.
  8. thanks mate, i,ll look into it a.s.a.p,
  9. thanks mate, but i mean all the lights ie.. dash lights, ash tray and clove box mate.
  10. hi. i have the 4 door escort gti, and every now and again the interior lights dont come on when i turn them on, after a couple of atempts is comes on, can anybody now how i can sort it please, thanks.