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  1. Unfortunately yes it does have two bulges, i tried everything to get them to work but nothing worked. I am still after someone who knows where the flasher/indicator relay is?????????
  2. My girlfriend has just got a 59 reg KA, it has BT/USB/VC, so how come i can't get an ipod to play through the stereo. The ipod doesn't even display the ford audio logo when connected. ive tried the standard ipod cable and the ford cable that i use with my 59 fiesta (the one with the usb and aux in one cable). i also have to say that her ka doesn't have a 3.5 aux input next to the usb port. Please help its very annoying Kind regards ZStuart
  3. It's a common thing to happen to locking wheel nuts. Dunno why
  4. I haven't got any seatbelt warning alarms!?!?!?!
  5. If your getting a brand new car you could just start off with using the two bucket method to wash your car and then slowy build up your detailing gear. I would highly recommend meguiars products. They are cheap and user friendly. You could buy the clay bar starter kit and paint cleaner/polish/wax steps (step 1 2 and 3) and make sure you buy a lambs wool mit (NO FRICKING SPONGES) and some nice microfibre cloths.
  6. They work in the sense if you put your foot on the brake pedal the brake lights light up. But if you have your headlights on and put your foot on the brake pedal the brake light doesn't go brighter to show your braking. Does that make sense? I know i've been a bit lazy with the pictures, but I've just ordered a load of new detailing gear and was gonna kill two birds with on stone with regards to pictures. I will also take some video of the LEDs flashing. Hold tight
  7. I've been keeping my revs below 3 thousand when shifting and my speed below 70. Ive just done 500 miles and was gonna keep doing this till 1500 miles were clocked, would it be a bad thing?
  8. that **** is DECKED, you need to be blasting Lil Jon - get low
  9. Yeah i will make a guide, i was just hoping to have it all working properly before i did. The brake LEDs don't work because (I think) the bulbs i bought are only one power level, Meaning when i put my lights on, they light up, but when i put the brakes on the don't get brighter. If that makes any sense
  10. I done some major bulb replacements the other day; new dipped headlights new full beam new number plate lights (can't get the holders out, HELP!!!) LED side lights LED side repeaters LED front indicators LED rear Indicator LED rear brake lights (Don't work) I'm loving the new LED indicators, they are sort of a peachy orange as opposed to amber. But because they use a lot less power than normal bulbs, they flash twice as fast. Now i could get resistors but its a messy job i don't wanna do. What i can get is a new indicator relay, which should sort out the problem, BUT WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL!!???. I need to know the location of the standard relay so i can see how many pins it has. If anyone can help i would be over the moon because its really getting on my nerves. Here is what i'm looking out if anyone one is familiar http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/LED-Flasher-Unit-3-and-4-Pin
  11. Just do what I used to do with my focus st, parking in two bays at the same. I didn't care what anyone thought because I was the one who spent 20 grand on the car I wouldn't appreciate someone kindly dinging my car and politely walking off! I don't really bother to do that with the ZS
  12. I was told because the stereo is intergrated into the dash, you don't need a code, as no one will nick it
  13. Hello and welcome from another new member. What do you do at ford? Mechanic/salesman/parts?
  14. Cool, cheers. I take it that it's cheaper to go directly to mountune rather than fords then.
  15. In regards to how I'm feeling about the car, I'm feeling better about it everyday. I'm loving the iPod and Bluetooth intergrations and when you listen to kiss fm and push the text button, it tells you what song is playing! The only thing I really miss isn't actually the power, it's the torque. In the ST no matter what speed or gear your in you can put your foot down and you go somewhere, this doesn't happen in the fiesta, so i just have to learn to keep changing gears again.....until I get mountune. On another note, I ordered some bulbs from powerbulbs yesterday about 5 O'clock and the arrived today.....fantastic