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  1. Thanks for those suggestions. The hydraulic fluid level looks ok although it is very black. The Mondeo had a new steering rack and pump a couple of years ago so I would hope that they used clean fluid. They did make a mess of the job as it lost all the fluid a few days later whilst the car was in Scotland and my son drove back to the midlands with hardly any steering ! I'm now a big fan of electrically assisted steering (as on my Fiesta) as you can imagine !
  2. My son's 2006 Mondeo estate has horrible steering when cold. It feels a little 'sticky' in the straighta head position until the engine warms up then its fine. Anyone have any ideas how to improve it ? It has done 116,000 miles and is a 2L diesel.
  3. Hi, the feeling of any clicks etc. from the steering on mine (which also happens to be an automatic, although I don't think that is connected) have been cured by the dealer lubricating the steering column somewhere. Hope this helps. Alan
  4. Seems a logical thing to do but as amatter of interest, how do you clear the fault codes ?
  5. I have bought a solar panel from Maplins for £9.99 as suggested by FOCA. At that price it's worth giving it a try. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, that is all interesting advice. I like the idea of the solar trickle charging, I have seen these but the problem is the car is usually in the garage this time of the year (not so much in the summer and is also handy to hook up the charger) so I'm not sure how much light it would get. In the last few days I also had considered upgrading the battery size as you suggest. It seems a sensible move. When I called the AA out (at least twice) to this problem, they clipped a current detector on the battery lead to test for current drain and the result was a negligable reading, not enought to cause a problem. The same meter also showed a healthy input to the flat battery from the alternator (30 amps at the time I think). As an ex electrical engineer, I do have what we used to call clamp meters for measuring AC current but does anyone know where can I get a device such as the AA used for clamping on to DC cables ? I don't really want to start disconnecting the battery cables. Harking back to the days of dynamos, we used to use centre-zero ammeters on the dash and you could see which way the current was flowing which was great ! Not so easy with an alternator but I do accept that an alternator system is far superior. I have considered trickle charging via the power outlet in the car so that I don't have to keep lifting the bonnet - can anyone see a problem with this (my battery charger has only about 5 amps output).
  7. The only light that stays on for a while is the amber 'locked' light and that goes out after about 2 minutes. You are dead right that current drawn on each start up has to go back in somehow but It does seem odd that in such a modern car that short trips run the battery down so quickly. I have had many classic cars even back in the days of dynamos (remember them ?) and one in particular used to stand unused for months on end but would usually still start. In fact, I did have this problem once with my previous mk 7 Fiesta (a diesel) but it only let me down once on a snowy day and we jumped into the VW Beetle to go out and it started after standing for months ! Significantly, I believe the diesel models have a larger battery for the extra torque needed to turn these engines. In my opinion, 43ah in the petrol engined Fiesta is skimping a little. I will continue to monitor and trickle charge my battery and thanks for all your advice.
  8. Hi, The battery is a standard Ford branded 'sealed' low maintenace with only a small vent hole. It is described as 'Silver Calcium' but I suspect it is a lead acid gel type. The specification is: 43 ampere hour, 390 cca (which is probably the max short term current value), Ford Finis 1672940, Part 8G9N-10655-LA, 12v 65. The letters after the 65 are blurred but could be R6. As I said this was the replacement fitted by the Ford dealer and has a hand written 'Tested Dec 2012' sticker on it. I have checked all the visible connections I can reach and they tight and in good nick.
  9. Thanks, I suspect you are on the right track. The car is used regularly but perhaps not every single day but only (usually) for very short trips of 2-3 miles so I suspect the clue is there. I was just surprised at how soon the battery seems to run down, almost as if I was running on battery alone but the alternator test seems to indicate it is ok. My late mother in law used to have this problem for the same reason but the battery would only go flat after six or nine months. I am a retired electrical engineer and did work on battery technology for some years during one period so I know a little about it but it is still a puzzle..
  10. I wonder if any auto-electricians out there have any ideas on this irritating problem I have had pretty well throughout the four-year life of my Fiesta ? I have had a succession of battery failures, going either almost or completely flat, usually overnight for no obvious reason. Each time they checked, the AA proved there was a good output from the alternator and there was no current drain. The Ford dealer subsequently changed first the alternator and then the battery under warranty (although I am not convinced that the battery they fitted was a new one). I eventually put the problem down to the frequent very short journeys I do and fitted an LED voltmeter plugged in to the power socket to monitor the battery voltage. Usually, the voltmeter shows about 12.2 volts static and after start up and sometimes goes up to 14 v settling down to around 13.0 - 13.2 whilst driving. I have taken to putting it on trickle charge every few weeks which I think should not be necessary. The battery failed again only last week which was quite inconvenient. What has prompted this particular post is that while out yesterday, I noticed that the voltage dropped to only 11 volts with no lights or heated screen on which quite concerned me. To see how low it would drop with a load, I switched on both heated screens, half expecting the engine to cut out but to my surprise it actually rose to 13.2 and stayed there after I switched the screens off. When I got home I kept the engine running and double checked the reading across the battery with my Fluke testmeter and it showed a normal 13.2 - 13,5v, confirming the LED reading inside the car. The car has only done 17,000 miles in four years. Anyone have any ideas ?
  11. I have always made it a habit of waiting say at least 30 secs before driving off, even in a petrol engined car to give the oil time to start circulating (time enough to put your seat belt on etc!). I also always drive gently for the first mile or so in very cold weather. i don't believe in putting full load onto a cold engine. I am not, however, suggesting that you let the engine idle for a long time before driving off as this just makes the engine take longer to reach operating temperature.
  12. My previous 2009 Fiesta was a diesel (my first diesel too) and had no glowplug light and no mention of waiting before starting in the handbook.
  13. I have had this problem now again since new on my 2009 Fiesta. Ford replaced firstly the alternator and then the batteryunder warranty but it still happens sometimes. It has been a complete mystery. I have installed a digital voltmeter plugged into the accessory socket so that I can monitor the battery state. I watch this topic with interest !
  14. Similar problem here except its the slight ramp at my garage entrance that causes the scrape. Oddly, I didn't have the problem with my previous Mk 7 which was an 09 plate Titanium 1.6 TDCI. I have had to put a temporary plank of wood across the entrance to lift the wheels as I go in or out. My question is, does the petrol version have a lower or more extensive undershield ? Perhaps for water entry protection ? I would be interested if anyone knows. I'm not sure but I think the wheel size is the same so the ground clearance should be the same.
  15. A litttle off topic but how does the Fiesta compare with the Focus to drive etc. and how much less space do you now have ?