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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Grinding Noise

    Hey fellow Fi owners, I have come across a little issue with the car, I had to do an emergency stop cos some n*b decided not to run over a fury rabbit !! when i slapped the brakes on there was a rather loud bang from the front drivers side (no I did not hit anything) then everytime i braked the front drivers side dipped lower than the NS front, now i have a metal grinding noise when turning right and when i go over sleeping policemen or uneven road surface it also grinds. On a perfect road surface the drivers side front wheel whines, could it be a wheel bearing ? or maybe something more serious ? :(
  2. Interior Rattles

    My Fi is driving me mental, both panels next to the small windows at the front rattle, the panel where the clock and stereo info (above stereo) rattles, rear quarters rattle and now something in the back of the dash !! My solution..... turn up the radio ;) I am shocked by the price of the car, thought Fords would have been a little more sypathetic.... yeah right, the customer service since I purchased the car is shockingly bad !
  3. Hi I have a 1.6 TDCI Zetec S, about 375 in the cold weather, BUT I have stopped leaving the heater on for the whole journey and wow what a difference so far, not even used a quarter of a tank yet, not even half way to it and done 90 miles. I am going to keep doing the short bursts of heat and see if it makes an overall difference. Will keep you posted. :)
  4. OUCH that must hurt the pocket with the cost of Diesel now. Do you have a lead boot ? :D
  5. 1.6 Tdci Using More Diesel

    Hi there Since this cold weather my Fi is using more diesel, I was getting roughly 420miles to a tank, now im only getting 360 :( Is anyone else noticing the difference ? Car seems to be running ok, little sluggish in 1st mind, but thats normal since day 1.
  6. Seeing The Same Car As Yours...

    Hey come to Bucks, I have the Zetec S 1.6 TDCI same as yours ! great cars.