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  1. Parking Sensors

    You could use one of these systems which i fitted to my mk3 zetec-s http://www.parkingdynamics.co.uk/ fitted it easily myself and no drilling, car will look as factory. have been using this for over a year and it works a treat still, no problems what so ever
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  3. Zetec-s 2.5 v6

  4. Clutch Pedal Rumble

    This is similar to what i have in my Zetec-s, fraid i didnt get any advice from the forum either, im still not sure what the fault is, just that it hasnt got any worse yet. Sorry i couldnt help
  5. Hi all, hope you can help! I have a 51 plate Zetec-s 2.5 v6,Owned for 6 months now, in general it drives like a dream, but.....!! When i change gear above 3.5-4000rpm i get a vibration through the clutch pedal, i suspect the dmf is faulty or failing, car has done 64k.Problem started about 1 month ago. Apart from the vibration the clutch doesnt slip or make any noise, can anyone confirm my suspicions or suggest any other problem that may cause this? As far as i know this is still the original clutch Has this model got a DMF or a solid flywheel? I dont know