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    Hi, I bought a 2.0 tdci s max april 08, which was 1 year old. faults so far; interior lamp had a mind of it's own, came on after car was stared, didn't work when door unlocked. 3 attempts at dealer now fixed. climate controls faulty, unable to adjust on drivers side, 5 visits now seems fixed. front heated screen failed on driver's side [since previous visit] now fixed. seat belt bonger goes when driving, 5 attempts, now seems O.k. fingers crossed. non start, engine turns over, not firing up, this was intermittent, now happens every day [leave for 5mins then starts first time] I have contacted Ford directly about these faults, who have told me that I am not allowed to take it to another dealer even though the local dealer can't fix it. Only 1 month left on warranty. This local dealer [stroud glos] never has a loan car suitable and never ring to say it is ready. this is as well as being overcharged for a service which was quoted by them. THE FORD DEALERS ARE APPALLING. ANYONE WITH ANY IDEAS TO FIX THE NON START ARE WELCOME.