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  1. Engine Coolant Problem?

    Hello. I'll start by saying i'm not overly technical, and so this may look a bit ditzy to read :) I have a Ford KA ('99), bought second hand from a second hand dealership in december. The other week i noticed the engine coolant was running low, in the tank/bottle thing on the right side under the bonnet. So i filled it up, and obviously didn't do up the filler cap properly, as it is no longer there. Neither is any of the anti-freeze which i poured in on sunday, which by the looks of things appears to have splashed out onto all other things under the bonnet. I poured in another half bottle, with the engine off, and that dissapeared from the tank and down into wherever it goes. There's some on the floor, though i assume this just comes from the residue left after it all escaped due to the lack of the cap. I guess my question is: - Is the apparent lack of coolant even after i've topped up something to be worried about? - And if not where can i get a replacement cap from / what can i use as a replacement? Apologies if none of that was overly clear :) Thanks