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  1. I know someone with uprated door speakers and a sub in the boot of their mk6 Fiesta. He has a double din alpine head unit to power it.
  2. Hello. I have ordered my new Zetec S as i want more power than the 1.4 I currently have. I have a low budget after buying the car so wondered what the best options to get factory fitted are. What did you go for? Any problems/regrets? Thanks in advance, Graeme
  3. The lights flash to acknowledge the key, but the doors are still locked.
  4. Hi, after lending my car to the other half today, they have managed to loose the master key. After driving home with the spare and locking it using the key hole. I cant open the car now. Wondering if anyone has had the same problem. And what should I do now? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks, but I'd rather CD as i find it difficult to skip track etc whilst driving (no usb, only aux)
  6. Hi, I want to burn a cd to put in my fez, and I'm wondering if its possible to do it. I have a mk 7 zetec with the silver unit. The cd will contain mp3 format songs I owned a mk 6.5 fez and the custom made cd got mis read and stuck, and needed the dash removing to get it out :( Thanks in advance
  7. The system also incudes anti syphon technology.
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. I read about rear lights when i got my fiesta. Although when i took delivery they werent there :(
  10. Just noticed its only the adapter. a separate hu is required!
  11. Saw this.. Fiesta Mk7 Head Unit Any opinions valued. I am not in any way endorsed to these sellers
  12. View New FIesta Colours (Car) Enjoy!
  13. Ignore the plate.. its not registered. They are trying to fool us
  14. Sorry Ford, but do it!!!
  15. Only seems to happen on the 17's from the City Pack