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  1. you will be pulling at straws until you get the car hooked up to diagnostics equipment i have a gti and i had trouble got my engine checked and machanically everythin was ok . but i needed air mass metre idle control valve replaced the breather pipes as they was perished and remap the ecu cos i was running lean. so you see all that above cnt be seen when you look under the bonnet and asuming it isnt machanical it could be anythig
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  14. well isnt any modification illegal if the insurance isn,t notified.As long as you notify the insurance bout the NOS and are willing to pay then its legal. And yeah fella iv spent shed loads on my ride in the regon of 20.000 + .photos are comin soon when the weathers better cos i wont get it out of the garage in winter.And yes there are easier ways than mine to get a fast focus i agree.BUT in my opinion life is about doing the impossible and for me whacking a 2ltre in from an st or any other implants was to easy and obvious , theres a strange buzz i get out of it when any1 comes for a spin and they carnt beleave its a 1.8 16v and too no i have a 1.8 that can obliterate an st and have scoobys or evo's quivering is a massive BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ lol.And as for FIAT well that will just break down lol we are back to thatconversation bout turbos unreliable waiting for boost lag overheating ect need i go on buy the time he gets on boost ill be gone at home havin a brew . i dont have to wait for boost cos mines a chemical reaction instant bang im gone no lag imagine instanly havin 100bhp pullin youalong as well as your engine its like havin another engine under your bonnet on a swithch. THINK ABOUT IT ...................I have a mate who has a renult 5 Turbo and his in runin 300bhp and we have played and he just ends up as a dot in my rear veiw,and my car scares him sh**less he wont even get in mine anymore because my power delivery is instant and violent instant as a bike?????????Turbos ha he carnt win cos he turns the boost up for more power reliability is poor just a matter of time b4 he is phonin the AA.So he whaks a bigger turbo on and the boost dosnt !Removed! in til 4.000 revs and gear change at 7.000revs then the revs drop after gear change too 3.000 then he has to wait for boost again.By which time all this is goin on im gone ???????? so its a visious circle he has found him self in where theres no way he can win.His boost dosnt !Removed! in till 4.000revs my Nitros and Cams pistons gearbox ect allcum in at 1.000revs and dont stop till 7.500fevs so ask yourself this whist turbo lads and my mate are waitin for boost what do you think im doin lol??????????? I aint waitin for nothin.Dont no if you no this but nitos bhp gains match the torque gains too so 100bhp system gives you 100Ftlbs of torque to my car is tunned at the moment 275bhp with 290ft lbs of torque but the power delivery is instant with no waste and i have jets which take seconds to fit which give me 200bhp from nos and 170bhpfrom engine so all to gether thats 375bhp with 390ft lbs of torque thats frightening.Also i have a bottle cooler and a nitros timer which bleeds the nitos in through the control of the computer which is much quicker and i can set the nitros to inject at any rpm i choose and any bhp i choose my car has also bin stripped and lightened make your own conclusions those are the facts......
  15. if you would of taken the time to read about my car you would no that it is strenghtend internally and full uprated the brakes arnt standard neither is the gear box drive shafts clutch or fly wheel all bushes have been uprated and so to have the sway bars.it has been lowered on uprated shocks so it handles as if on rails also my exhaust isnt straight through its on a sports cat i did have it de cated but every mot i had to put the cat back on??????????. and i didnt say it was easy or cheap i just stated that it is possible to make the 1.8 a monster that can see off the st duratec engine because my car is proof that it can be done as iv blown away many ST,s and thats fact sorry but it is iv even bin sat on the !Removed! of a scooby wantin to get past and thats fact just wish i could take u for a spin to iradicate any doupt you might still have .