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  1. Thanks for your help ford123

  2. Hey, another thing id check first is the heater resistor which is behind the glove box on the right, its held on by one screw and has one multiplug connection. Its a common fault well worth checking out. Let me know how ya get on : )
  3. Hey , sounds like instrument cluster fault to me, its the cluster which holds the passive anti theft memory. its becoming a common fault on this age fiesta, if its under warenty get it checked out for free! If not the cluster can be repaired by some companies. Let me know how you get on : h
  4. Hey, first thing to check is ya coolant level if this is low you wont get any hot air in you car. Then check for leak. If all this is good it sounds like you waterpump is not pumping the hot water into the heater matrix inside the vehicle. another thing worth checking it the thermostat, easy to change and dont cost much for a new one. let me know how ya get on : )
  5. Hey, 1st and reverse are usually harder to get into due to the gear box internal layout. But if its getting bad its more then likely you clutch. If the bitingpoint is high this is also a way of telling its on its way out. Another thing to try is pump the pedal a few times before selecting gear, this will see if you have a clutch fluid leak, if pumpin makes it easier then you have a leak, if not it a worn clutch plate. Let me know how ya get on : )
  6. Hi, this sounds like a instument cluster problem to me. First its prob best to check your lives on the multiplug on the cluster. You should have a perminent live to it from the fuse box that will stay live without the ignition on. This live is what keeps the momory for the time ect, if you havent got this live check your fuses and check the wiring. If you have which you more then likely will do you problem is internal with the cluster. Some companies will repair these at a lower cost than a new one. Let me know how you get on : )