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  1. thanks, do you know how i get hold of ford parts centre on here? cant find them on here. thanks bex
  2. hi, thanks for the info, is it something that can easily be fitted at home or does a garage need to do it? is it a big job? thanks will try get hold of one. becky
  3. hi ive got a 51 plate focus and its only got a cassette radio in, does anybody on here have an original ford cd radio not necessarily the 6 changer one just any ford cd radio as really want one in my car, will pay of course, but not the £400 ford want. thanks becky
  4. ive noticed whenever i go over 60mph the speedo suddenly drops to zero, and i have to tap the screen of it a couple of times for it to pick up again, it doesnt do it after this well hasnt yet, any ideas why it does it? also last night when it did it i had the radio on and the volume went lower when the speedo dropped to zero. thanks becky