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  1. Noisy Clutch

    is that bad & expensive
  2. Noisy Clutch

    Hi all had c max 4 about a month now & last few days slight winy noise coming from clutc but when u press clutch in it goes ,any thought guys cheers
  3. Radio Manual

    thanks 4 that just the job cheers
  4. Radio Manual

    Hi all ive got c max 56 plate any1 know if i can download a manual for my radio ita a 6000 & where do u find the serial number cheers
  5. C Max Radio Manual

    Hi all i have a c max lx 56 plate & was wondering if any1 knows where i can download a manual 4 my radio ,cheers stupot
  6. C Max

    Hi all recently got a c max & when i asked evans halshaw 4 the radio code they told me that they dont give codes out no more u have 2 go 2 a garage 2 get it sorted is that right or is it a load of bull like i think it is cheers stupot