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  1. m.o.t welder/ panneler/ painter

  2. i must be the only m.o.t welder to cut the dreded tinworm out and not bodge a patch over the rot

  3. hi my name is ian im married with two kids,ive been into fords since the 80"s mk1 escorts,xr2 grannys and now i drive a mk2 mondeo zetec 1.8

  4. hi peeps im ne to all this so here goes, my name is ian im 39 and happily married with two kids. ive been into fords sinse the 80s ranging from mk1 escorts to grannys i currently drive a 2000 mondeo zetec 1.8 petrol, i do m.o.t welding and pannel replacements from wings front pannels to rear 1/4 i think im the only person who cuts out tinworm and replaces it with good steel, (not just patches it)so if u r interested pls contact me.