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  1. Happy Birthday FUBARx89!

  2. Engine Management Light On (54 Reg Tdci)

    Very very very late reply, almost a year, whoops. No, I never did get the problem solved, we cleaned out the EGR valve as best we could at work, we couldn't take it off as it was secured to the manifold and we didn't really have time to mess around, we also cleaned out the turbo intake pipes aswell as the turbo intercooler box thing the air goes through. It ran fine with the EML light on for near enough a year, I had to get rid of the car last January due to engine cutting out while I was driving at speed, it's not fun cutting out at 70mph in 5pm traffic. The garage we originally got it from quite happily took the car back, last time I went in, he said it needed new injectors and allsorts to get it back on the road, I see it every now and then driving around my town, I fondly look at the car and think of how much of a beloved motor it was to me. Now I have a 1.6 TDCi 57 plate Focus Zetec, prefered my old one though :(
  3. In the owners manual the engine looks like the Duratorg not the Endura, so I'm rather confused which engine I have and if my car still has TDCi or just bog standed TDI, also can I buy an engine bay cover?
  4. Just randomly popped on, I haven't felt a loss of power or anything, took it down to a garage and got the fault code P2263 "Turbo Systems Fault", he said it was something to do with boost pressure, he checked my hoses for leakage turned out fine, cleared the code and took it for a road test was also fine, now the engine management light has came back on, again same code. Could it be the EGR valve stuck open from all the crap in it, or just my turbo dying?, I hope to god its just a case of taking out the EGR valve and cleaning it out.
  5. Trip Computer Help

    After taking the clocks cover off and the clocks out, couldn't find the loom So I took the stalk cover off, and it doesn't have the wire for the stalk, can't be bothered taking the cowl off to be disappointed again, ah well. I've managed to get 600 miles out of a full tank of BP's Unlimited Diesel though :D, unlike my crappy old Ka which didn't even do 400 on a full tank >_>
  6. Trip Computer Help

    Well I'm trying to get at the wiring loom now for the trip computer, removed the face plate over the dash and trying to find the loom through that tiny tiny gap, any ideas to help me out? Wish I had smaller hands right now :)
  7. Trip Computer Help

    I've got a Mk1 facelift Zetec and I want to put a trip computer in it, I know the parts I'll need to get for it and will be going to the scrap yard tomorrow, just dreading how much they will try and charge me. Now, how will I remove the old washer bottle to put the new one with sensor on and do I connect the sensor on it to anything? and where would I connect the temperature sensor? I know how to get the dash face out to put the new one in and I know the wiring loom is there for the trip computer to go in. Any help would be much appreciated.