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  1. Ford Fiesta - Misfiring?

    Hello - first post, need help! I have an 02 Ford Fiesta Freestyle with 40k on the clock. It has served me well until Friday when the engine warning light came on. The car seemed to be lacking power and didn't accelerate with as much power as normal. I took it to a garage, who diagnosed faulty spark plugs, the leads from the spark plugs and coil pack. They replaced it all. A day later, and the problems are back. The engine management light is back on, and the car has very little power. It may also be my imagination, but I also think the speedometer may be overestimating the speed I'm going. I'm taking the car back to the garage tomorrow, but in the meantime wanted to know if (from my very amateurish description) if you had any ideas what it may be? Thanks for reading all this. G