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  1. ive had it checked out and its coming up with a p1335 fault (engine torque monitoring 2 valve above upper control limit) ive done a search on google and it seems it need a new egr valve with a stonger motor and a revised pcm calibration doing , this is why its clicking loud in a morning when i turn the engine off maybe the egr is trying to shut who knows?? ive had the light erased and it hasnt come back upto now , the car is under warrenty so it might get done no probs , the car has done 78000 miles.
  2. it stayed on the full 10 miles to work then i went to the shops and it was still on came back still on , but the 3rd time i started it to come home it had gone off , im still going to get it checked out , will it store the fault in the memory still.
  3. well here we go another electical misery , my last car was like this , ive started the car early this morning to go to work and the engine light has come on? it still runs fine and is not in limp mode , as i said in my last post it like bangs when its about to fire up , where is the plug in for the diagnostic pc??its a ford c-max 2.0 tdci 136bhp model thanks
  4. Cmax 2.0 Tdci Faults

    hi my new cmax 2.0 tdci somtimes starts rough with smoke its smells like diesel smoke and looks it , also this is the worrying thing , on doing a few short journeys to post office and shops ect , ive noticed when i turn the engine off its making an intermitent click it does about 10 clicks quite loud then stops , what can this be??
  5. Hi New To Forum

    hi ive come back to ford after 6 years , god bless there faults , ive got a ford focus c max 2.0 tdci its a right fast one with cheap tax yippe well thats me hellllloooooooo :D
  6. hello , 1st post so here goes , ive just bought a ford focus cmax 2.0 tdci and it has a ford cd6000 the single cd type with the volume button in the middle and the cddj button on it, im wanting to upgrade so i can play mp3 disc in the car , will a sony ford cd/mp3 just fit and plug in without any problems , or if anyone knows which model to look for on fleebay let me know , cheers j mines like this and im looking at one like this , will it plug in and play no probs and how poerful are they?