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  1. Is there still no way to stop the iphone's ipod playing when the iphone connects to the fiesta's bluetooth? I was hoping the version 4 software update was going to fix this.
  2. I updated my iphone yesterday to version 4 but the ipod feature on the phone still automatically starts playing when the phone connects to the fiesta's bluetooth. Does this still happen to everyone else? It is so damn annoying
  3. I finally did my first attempt at a car detail over the weekend on my wife's 3 year old C-Max (wash, dry, clay, wash, dry, SRP, FK1000p x2, FK425. Just a few questions before i attempt one on my MK7 Fiesta. 1 - I couldn't shift the tar marks down the side of the car near the front wheel (even when claying), is this normal and should i use tar remover? 2 - When I used the FK1000p on the side windows and front and back painted plastic bumbers i was getting very strong electric shocks, this can't be normal can it? 3 - I used a i4D foam pad to SRP the car which was fine but when i applied the FK1000p on a new i4D foam pad a lot of the foam has disintegrated, is it ok to use just 1 pad for applying SRP and another for the wax/sealent, and are the reusable? if so whats the best way to clean them? (I also bought some I4D Microfibre White Wax / Sealant Applicator pads but struggled a bit with them as the pad didn't seem to want to glide and put the sealant on.) Could this be with me being too heavy handed or not using the correct amount of sealent on the pad?
  4. Hi all Is everyone else having the same problem as me with this website running very very slow (ie like i am on an old dial up connection). Its not my actual broadband connection as i can open about 10 other pages in the time it takes to looad one on here (nd i've done some speed tests. Are there new adverts that take longer to load? I am on a mac using safari, could it be that? as its a shame as this is a great forum but its almost to painfull to be on at the moment. I timed how long in took just to load the fiesta forum main page, it took 43 seconds......something must be wrong, is it just me?
  5. I personally wouldn't touch gap insurance with a bargepole as like most of these extra insurance policies they are not worth the paper they are written on. Has anyone actually paid the list price for a ford car as you should be looking for at least 10% off the overpriced ford price list anyway.
  6. I personally wouldn't have the stripes as i think what you have ordered looks sporty and classy, especially in white. I take it you don't have the 17" Alloys on your fiesta order though?? As i was told they no longer did the 17" Alloys on the new 95PS Diesels (hence why i chose the petrol engine with full kit).
  7. I have chosen to get the door swapped with another brand new sea grey fiesta they have in the compound rather than a respray, so please if anyone thinks this is the wrong decision please let me know as they pick it up tomorrow. Also i do feel sorry for whoever's door they are swapping it with as someone else will be picking up what they think is a brand new car only for it to have a resprayed 2nd hand car door.
  8. Hi Feshty I'm not actually sure what "ICE Pack 8" is but i have just bought a fiesta titanium with bluetooth/USB and also have a iPhone 3G, they work great together. The only problem so far (which everybody has and is an Apple problem) is that when your iPhone connects to the bluetooth in the car it automatically starts playing the iPod feature on the iPhone. Isn't the USB/Bluetooth standard on the fiesta titanium's or is that just UK Spec?
  9. Update: My ford dealers has finally got back to me with 2 options on repairing the damaged paint work my car came with. Option 1 - Take it to my local dealer and get it re-sprayed (the rear quarter panel will also need blending). Option 2 - Drive 100 miles (and wait around allday) to the dealer i bought it from and they will swap the whole door with a sea grey fiesta they have in the showroom. Though i did say if this was the option i chose i would expect them to come and pick the car up and drop it off as i don't see why i should be inconvenienced for being sold a faulty car. Which is the better of these 2 Evils?? To be honest i'm unhappy with both but have been told by ford that i can't reject the vehicle until they have had a chance to repair it. To get this far has already taken Ford/Ford Dealers 2 weeks....
  10. LOL Again cheers Dan Note to myself: check the manual before putting up a post so i don't look so foolish..
  11. Cheers for both replies Dan (pressure washer one aswell) I will have a look on ebay for a karcher pressure washer and lance. Regarding the bluetooth its just that i read the manual then by the time i got in the car i forgot almost all of the instructions, i suppose i will just have to read it a few times to make it stick. I was hoping there might be a few short cuts ie. i could just press the voice command button and say "phone home" and it would phone home rather than "Phone", "Phone Name", "Phone Home", "Yes" etc. just seemed a little long winded for voice commands. What a great car the new fiesta is though, this is my 5th brand new Fiesta and by far the best..
  12. hi all i have had my mk7 fiesta for over a week now, and i love it. Just a couple of questions tho. 1 - Does the stereo have to be on for the bluetooth handsfree to work? (if so is there a stereo mute button or do i just turn the volume down) 2 - As I have got the 3 door fiesta the seatbelt over my right shoulder is very hard to reach when siting in the car, any soultions? 3 - I have the 1.6 petrol but when it starts up it is quite noisy (sounds a little bit like a diesel), is this normal? 4 - Is there anyway to stop my iphone automatically playing its ipod feature when it connects to bluetooth? 5 - Does anyone use the voice commands to its full potential (i read the manual but has anyone seen a better guide or got any hot tips to get the best from it) Thanks
  13. I am thinking of buying a pressure (and foam lance) but wasn't sure which one to get. I saw this one advertised which seems like a good deal but wasn't sure if it was going to good enough for car cleaning (its a Karcher K2.19 Pressure Washer for under £50). Has anyone got any recommendations of a decent presuure washer for car cleaning (a reasonably priced one that is) Thanks
  14. I have had my 1.6 Petrol fiesta for over a week and have done 340 miles so far and it says on the computer i still have 70 miles left. So that would make over 400 miles out of a tank (and this tank was filled up by the dealer so i doubt they filled it to the brim). I have been driving pretty steady (about 80% motorway miles between 60 - 70 MPH). This MPG is miles better than i was expecting...
  15. Hey lets face it i bet there isn't 1 person on here who has either the Zetec S Or Titanium who wishes they had the other. It would take a brave man to spend over 12k on a car and admit they bought the wrong one or in the wrong colour... Just for the record i wouldn't change anything about my own order... lol