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  1. Engine Management Light

    Thanks every body for your input I purchased a Ford TCI disc off the internet and found that the trouble was with the intake manifold switchover solenoid was not working I got a new one from Ford and now it works ok. Thanks again the vicar
  2. Haynes Work Shop Manual

    I sent a E-Mail to Haynes as below. Hi I have a focus C Max 53 with the 1800 Duratec HE engine with electric throttle could you tell me if the engine in the Manual for the ford focus petrol (05-09) is the same setup if not can you direct me in the right direction which might help. Reply; Thank you for your email Although the engine in the Focus hatchback is basically the same there are some unspecified differences when installed in the C-MAX. We are just about to start work on a manual for the C-MAX and we will have a better idea once the project has been started and a vehicle or two has been purchased. Until then we are unable to help with your query and I can only suggest you contact a friendly Ford dealer for advice. Any advice would welcome The Vicar.
  3. Engine Management Light

    Thank L.S. I got Intake Manifold Runner Control Circuit/Open Bank 1 Do you think if I take off the (IMRC actuator)Runner Control and clean it up it mite do the trick.
  4. Engine Management Light

    I have had the ECU checked out and it came up with the code P2008 do you think it has anything to do with IMRC valve as I have been driving the car with out the light on and it drives ok but if I put my foot down in a low gear I get a low roar from the exhaust and light comes on. Thanks for any reply.
  5. Engine Management Light

    Mintalkin Thanks for that I willget the ecu checked out.
  6. Engine Management Light

    Hi My Engine Management Lighe as come on and I have gone through the on board diagnostics mod to the DTC mine says #01 D900 can any one help me with this code and how can I turn the light off. Thanks for any help