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  1. Rear Park Censors Fault

    where is the cpu located for the rear parking censors. anyone know.
  2. Rear Park Censors Fault

    has anyone had any trouble with the rear parking censors on a c-max ghia tdci 2 ltr. the problem is that when in reverse they give a continuous tone for approx 5-6 seconds and then go off. only coming on again if the ignition is turned off and on to reset them. is there any way to check the censors to see if any are faulty.
  3. C-Max Electronic Boot Release Fault

    Many Thanks for the advice, I will order the part tomorrow and fix it myself. Will let you know how it goes. Once again many thanks.Bobcat
  4. hi im new to this so here goes. i have a c-max 2 ltr tdci ghia 55 plate. the problem is the electronic boot release. it has a nastie habit of opening when i do not want it to. as soon as i open the car and get in the boot opens. usually when driving though. can anyone help with this. also my rear parking censors are useless. they bleep one long continuous tone for about 5 or 6 seconds and then go off. they reset when ignition is turned off and on again but do the same thing. im begining to regret coming back to fords.