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  1. Happy Birthday greasemonkey1992!

  2. boot release button

    clean contacts in boot u should find this helps. they often get convered in green scaly stuff. zoe
  3. 1.3 Mk6 Won't Start

    hi. im thinking new battery i have had the same problem. also has your car key got a chip inside? if so i would check the chip hasnt come loose or come out. on the black side. could be starter motor sorry. zoe
  4. Buying A W Reg Fiesta Need Some Advice What To Check

    talking from experience my fiesta had a slight bubbling of rust on the arches but was immaculate and solid underneath if possible check underneath, also ask if u can test drive the car first. to check if inspection lights come on on dash, also check with dvla car not stolen or been involved in crime as my fiance had that problem. all i can say is please check underneath for rot. zoe
  5. Lack Of Power, Idling A Little Lumpy Etc

    clean the throlle body and you will notice a hell of a difference. a layer of grease and crap builds up round throttle body and when idling it cannot get enough air to tick over slowly. zoe
  6. Decatting...

    wont pass emissions without a cat mate and they are not cheap either hun leave the cat on there. zoe
  7. Spark Plugs

    new spark plugs always help an engine run more efficiently especially as the gap on the old ones may not have been right. u will notice the mpg goes up and combustion is better. zoe