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  1. Fuel Tank

    Hi Pumastu, Am i understanding you right! when you put your petrol in at the fuel pump, the fuel starts pouring out onto the floor when you are about half full?. IF so this could be caused by a blockage in breather pipe from the tank. causing back pressure in the fueltank.
  2. Interior Light

    Hi artscot79, Thanks for at least replying. I have looked behind the glass and it appears to be some sort of Circuitry, with three wires coming of it. The glass is very dark red almost black. Here is a picture. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Interior Light

    Hi, Just purchased an interior light from out of an ® reg puma, for my Fiesta MK4 as a upgrade as it has the map reading lights with it. The only thing is it also has this black glass at the front. Can any one tell me what this is for? And is it posible to wire it up in my Fez. Thanks in advance.
  4. Light in drivers footwell...expert needed!

    Hi Bashy, If the light comes on when you open the door it must be working of your pillar switch, in which case you should be able install a separate switch with one wire to earth and the other spliced into the feed wire on the back of the pillar switch. In effect the new switch would act as the pillar switch without effecting the opperation of the original pillar switch. Hope this helps. PS Dont forget to check which wire is swiching live or neutral. :)
  5. Electronic Boot Release Problem

    Hi Mr Sketch, If you look up under the drivers side of the facia you should be able to see your fuse box, if not you may have to remove the cover first. Hope this helps. :)
  6. boot release button

    Hi All, As you described this is correct operation as it prevents the boot accidently opening whilst driving along, and mother in law falling out.
  7. Spark Plugs

    Checked my plugs today, They had only been in for approximately six months and the colour of the core is white. Dont think this is right but dont know how to alter the fuel mixture, this is the second time I have had to replace them in 12 months. Once replaced with new ones the car runs very smooth.