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  1. Happy Birthday hurls!

  2. I have in the last few days started to get interference on my radio when i use my indicators, nothing els has changed, can anyone help
  3. Thanks for your welcome,but i must tell you that BLUNDESTON is on the east coast of England between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.
  4. Thanks for the help but as far as i can see there is no handle or button, trying to push the handle up or down has not worked, i have just been in touch with my local ford dealer and he say that it will need to be replaced at a cost of £275.72p, i don,t think so
  5. Thanks for the reply,there is no button that i can see or find, i think it has some form of ratchet on it and is locked up solid.
  6. My 2001 focus ghia estate has a armrest on the drivers seat but it is locked in the upright position, i have pulled, pushed and still no good,i bought the car with this problem, so can anyone help.
  7. Hello one and all as the tittle says i am new to this site and also new to Ford, i have a 2001 Focus Ghia 1.8 Tddi estate,i live on the east coast of england in a village called Blundeston, but i am born and bred in coventry. So thats it ,i hope i will get some help over the next few years and maybe i can help someone. Thanks