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  1. Hi guys I'm sure this question has probably raised it's head before but it's got me heed done in so any help would be great! I've bought ( for a bargain price I hope ) 2 of my works company cars. One is a 2004 Focus 1.8 TDCi ZETEC and the other is a 2000 Focus 1.8 TDi. They both have huge mileage ( 250k ish ). The TDi one has had everything rebuilt or replaced ( head, turbo, injectors etc ) everything except the fuel pump. The other one I'm not sure about. They have both been diagnosed by Ford as having fuel pump issues. As far as I know they both have similar symptoms: They suddenly lose power and\or cut out and sometimes start again after being switched off and sometimes they don't. The heater plug light on the dash also pulses\flashes. Ford quote a grand or so to supply, fit and code a new pump for the TDCi one. I can buy a cheaper one second hand though and maybe get a local garage to code it ( I'm told there's one near by ). Does the TDi one run a similar fuel pump setup so thus talking similar money to fix? I want to get them up and running as cheap as poss. obviously and am wondering if it's worth just chucking a new engine in the TDCi one as I can get a 30k miles one for about 500 squid plus fitting.