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  1. Rough Clutch Pedal

    No i finally gave up and asked a mechanic who said it was something called a quadrant. Now from ford there £15 but as ive been reading up on this a little it seems quite tricky to do! any suggestions ?
  2. Rough Clutch Pedal

    Hello Fellow members - recently my drive-shaft went so i got that sorted but here's the thing, Now when i press and depress the clutch pedal its really rough as if its grinding metal on metal. What could this be ? it changes gear fine and the bite point is the same which is why im a bit confused???? please help !
  3. Anti-Lock Breaking System Fuses

    OK cool ill have a look - is there a diagram somewhere I can see what im looking for ? sorry i know jack about engines ! infact if there is someone who knows less than me about cars id love to meet them

  5. Anti-Lock Breaking System Fuses

    No idea - How would I find out ?
  6. Ok Guys I have a Xreg Escort 2000 model, now after looking at the fuse box under my steering wheel i noticed that my anti lock brake fuses are missing, I only bought the car a week ago this is why i am concerned. Can anyone help me with this query ?
  7. Interier Lights

    you telling me - well i guess good tings come out of bad situations hence me getting my escort :D
  8. Interier Lights

    Insurance companies will write anything off these days - the mrs had a mazda 3 that got wrot off by me doing 20mph comming to a stop and hitting a know in a clapped out filthy french 305 with no breaklights or reversing lights (cos he was going backawards aparantly) and im to f ing blame but the car only needed a bumper bonnet heatlights and a radiator they thought i would cost more than 5K could have done it myself for 300 notes if it is a write off ask how much it will cost to get sorted and how much there offer is - if you think you can get the work done yourself cheaper id go for that except of course the the CAT C (the dreaded hit list for cars)!
  9. OK peeps i just had a look at my fuse box in the car (X Reg Escort 16V 1.6 Finesse) and wondered if I should have fuses for anti lock brakes as i dont know at this point in time if my car even has anti lock brakes (how can i find this out? ) obviously the anti lock brakes wont work if there are no fuses but should i go and get some because they are there but just not working ? it was serviced 1K miles ago ive only done 160miles in it so far since buying it. Am i being paranoid ? i did however find out that it was missing a fuse for the left side side lights which is why i guess i am worried and not knowing about cars really i worry even more :D Please help
  10. Rear Bumper Wanted

    Not hard at all then :D wicked thats the next project after payday :D
  11. How Old Are Your Tyres.

    On the sidewall of the tyre there is a tiny circle with a 2 digit number i.e 99AT which will be the year and the initails of the guy who made them I used to work for Michelin and thats how they do it !
  12. Rear Bumper Wanted

    Hi guys (and girls) Just wanted to know if fitting a new bumper to my car (X reg Ford Escort) would be easy and roughly how much would it cost from a breakers supposed to getting a brand new one ????
  13. Went back to the breakers today and sorted it out :D
  14. Thanks guys - I went to a local breakers today picked one up £20 bargain i thought, until i got home fitted it and boom blew my wiper blade fuse. OK i thought ill nip down to Halfords and pick up another, boom there the fuse goes again. Hmmmmm i think ill change it back which i have done but the question is now can I get my money back from the breakers ? Probably not what does everyone else think ? has anything like this happend to any of you ? would a slightly different stalk work ? as there was a new looking one in the breakers but it had vary speed wiper switch would it work? sorry for all the questions - cant you tell im new to all this ! :P
  15. Ok peeps first of all hello im new to the forum. I have a feew minor problems, I bought my escort yesterday its a great car but with a few minor problems. 1) the rear bumper need replacing - its a colour coded pepper red bumper - are these easy to get hold of on the cheap (from a scrap yard / breakers) and are they easy to replace once getting hold of ? 2) the internal light wont turn on or off when opening the door - is this just a fuse problem? 3) the lights on the dash wont turn off unless i take the fuse out - what can i do to solve this? 4) is it possible to attach roof bars on my model of Escort? - it is an X Reg 2000 i believe any help with any of these issues would be much appreciated as although i am new to cars I do want to learn how to solve simple issues like these without sending it to a garage and being charged a fortune just for a broken fuse or needing to clean and resolder a connection thanks in advance !!!!!! :)