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  1. FOC Stickers

    What a pile of junk i wunt be seen dead in that :)
  2. My advise get shut the 103bhp engines are crap and wunt pull you outa bed on a morning :) go for the beefier 130bhp zetec s or even better the 150 st.
  3. Hi scotguard is alot better than dimondbrite i paid 99p plus £3 p+p for mine of ebay and did it my self you get alot more satisfaction doing it ya self.
  4. Mondeo Zetec S Alloys Wanted

    I no pal they are expensive i have a set on at the moment but im wanting another clean set they are like rockin horse !Removed! to get old of im not botherd about after market rims im a ford man so i like to keep my cars all original ford part if i can
  5. Mondeo Zetec S Alloys Wanted

    Hi yes ive tried ebay mate thes some on but the batterd and the bloke still wants £480 so al leave that
  6. Wanted good condition mk3 mondeo Zetec S alloys. get in touch 07731841618 cheers :)
  7. 18"Zetec s alloys anybody selling

  8. Stiff Steering

    O.k cheers for that :D
  9. Hi im also a newbie wana show me the ropes lol

  10. Hi everyone im a fgoc virgin so be carefull with me :D can any one help me i recently bought my fifth mondeo its a 52 plate tdci Zetec S. When i bought it i asked to look at the test certificate as ya do and there were 3 adviseries on it but the only one that concerned me was one that said steering slightly rough and they are the exact words the guy at kwickfit where the car was tested had used anyway i took the car out for a testdrive and i noticed that when you were driving in a straight line and then you come to move the steering wheel it is slightly stiff like something is sticking i have been told this could be a number of things includeing the steering rack and the pump i just wanted to no if anyone else has experienced this problem and what was the solution i would be gratefull for your opions. thanks carl :)
  11. Engine flush

    Hi why put somemore oil in there is no need just put the engine flush in with the oil thats currently in then take it for a decent run to get the flusher in the engine pref on the moterway then it should be ready to drain and put the new new oil in there is no need to mess about getting a cheap oil before hand.
  12. Noisy Mondeo 2.0 Tdci

    :) :) Hi how old is your car and what milage as it done. cheers carl