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    mondeo tdci zetec estate
  1. 2006 Tdci Rattle

    i bought mine from here is a kit. http://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/mondeo_20tdi__and_22tdi_duratorq_diesel_kit_1917.htm
  2. 2006 Tdci Rattle

    yes this is a common problem it needs modified bottom pully and modified drivebelt tensioner.
  3. Mk3 Injectors

    going off my car i had 3 injectors refurbed,1 new injector, full diagnosis,1 injector coded in it was £400
  4. Knocking Over Bumps

    as said anti roll bar bushes,anti roll bars links or it could be rear subframe bushes all are very common on mondeo
  5. Mk3 Injectors

    you dont have to change all injectors but would reccomend it as they will all go within a few thosand miles of each other,the injectors need to be coded to the ecu so not a diy job but any good engine shop car refurb the injectors you have in the car when removing mark were each injector was.
  6. Oil Filter

    single hex socket cant remember the size though
  7. Front Coil Snapped & Tyre Blew!

    genuine ford spring £45 plus vat +fitting my front os spring snapped the day after mot
  8. Mk3 Mondeo Facia Adaptors

    yes the fasia is diffrent you have to buy centre dash section its very easy to fit http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ford-mondeo-sony-cd132-fascia-dash-panel-03-07_W0QQitemZ320515669570QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item4aa038fe42
  9. Can I Reprograme A Fob

    by fob you mean the door lock and open on the key if so turn ign on off between 5-10 times door locks will open close press lock on fob twice then put ign on to get out lock programing.
  10. Glowplug Light Problems

    the car is euro 3 got car back from diagnostic fault codes are p1211 and p0251 ive took tank out myself and its fine, arnold sharke is saying 4 injectors and fuel pump.
  11. Glowplug Light Problems

    had it at ford today they said they need to take out the fuel tank to see if there is a blockage if not it req delphi pump and injectors. but i dont beleive the second part as the car runs.
  12. my mondeo keeps flasshing the light on and going in limp home mode when engine is under load ie accelerating. had it on ids the ford computer and it says there no fault codes stores any ideas what this could be as the car is un drivable at the miniute. cheers for any help
  13. Changing Radio

    is the bezel the black bit behind the radio yes all wiring is ok ive fitted it in just does not fit in dash it has too much angle
  14. Changing Radio

    ive got a 53 plate facelift mondeo with a 6000 cd in it, ive bought a sony cd132 but ot does not fit what bit of the dash ect do i need to make it fit!!! many thanks chris
  15. Hello From Newcastle

    hi im chris from newcastle ive just bought my first ford its a 53 plate mondeo tdci zetec estate