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  1. Surging Problem And Strange Noise

    so if you have the connecter and plug on your egr you cant blank it off :(
  2. New Problem With The Tdci

    thanks will try that also read some one with the same sort of thing only did it when hot and it did start first thing when it was cold so could be the same as his which turned out to be needing a up data from ford to cure the hot starting problem so think i will try the plugs then see if the update cure's it :)
  3. hi again i have a new problem with the mondeo happened a few times now and hope you guys can put your finger on it :D ok some time after getting in the car i let it pre-heat and go to start it and the car struggles and splutters on tick over and i go to give it some gas and i can put the pedal to the floor and there no response just splutters and goes then 5 secounds later it picks up and runs fine any idears pep's :)
  4. 2006 Tdci Rattle

    thanks for your reply chris where the best place to get these's and how much are they :)
  5. hi all :) i have just purchased a 2006 mondeo 130tdci and have just noticed that it has a rattle down the drivers side of the engine bay have looked down there and can see a few pulleys and one does seem to be wobbling a bit so think it might be that just want to check if this is a common thing or could it be some thing else and if it is these are they dear to fix. thanks all :D