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  1. I think that it's time to change the thermostat on my Mk2 1.6LX . In the current cold weather the engine is slow to warm and the temp guage quickly drops when idling or when the fan is used to heat the interior. The heater is also luke warm. The engine fan is not operating, therefore I suspect that the thermostat is stuck open. Can I enquire whether the distributor/ignition module is actually mounted on the thermostat housing and therefore should be removed to allow easier removal? Thanks
  2. I would have thought that once the battery terminals are removed and also the crossbar holding down the battery, it would be a matter of sliding the battery forward and out of the engine bay. Mine is quite a small battery in comparison to other cars that I have owned. Perhaps due to it being a calcium battery? Re the suppressor, some of the Ebay adverts have a description:- How to Use - There is a fused 12V dc wire that runs between your car radio and fuse panel. This wire should be cut between the fuse and car radio. The red wire from this device should be connected to the fuse side and the yellow wire should be connected to the radio side. To ground, the black wire should be connected to the car radio chassis. Fitting of suppressors for radio reception was a pretty regular feature during the 60's and 70's due to the primitive nature of car electrics. It is basically a high pass filter to ground which suppresses the transient noise spike caused by the cars ignition circuit. Fit the suppressor as close to the radio as possible. If you perform a search on Google images you can also find a pin-out diagram for the 6000CD multi-plug. I have one stored on my home PC but I am away from home at the moment.
  3. I had a close examination behind the audio unit at the weekend. The cable loom from the audio head joins with other cables and is routed to a multi-way connector on the fuse-board above the front passenger footwell. In turn, the fuse board is connected via a multi-way connector to the fuse-board in the engine bay. There is a lack of metal work behind the dash board and I cannot see any earth points other than 1 for the passenger air-bag unit. I cleaned up the earth connection from the battery onto the body behind the (engine bay) fuseboard. I also took a fibre brush to the roof aerial stud and thread. I could convince myself that this improved things a little, but I still have engine noise on Radio 5. I think I will investigate fitting a suppressor as suggested.
  4. Further searches on Google have revealed that certain PC motherboard connectors will fit onto the "Aux in" connector C. Sure enough, I had a few spare motherboard serial connectors which happen to be arranged in the same 2 x 5 pins layout. These fit onto the connector C pins on the audio unit. Also getting guidance from:- means that I now have a working connection to the 6000CD for my Ipod audio. :D
  5. There appears to be quite a bit of silver worn off the bottom 5 rungs of the screen. 1 break is repairable with conductive solution, but the gaps on the other 4 would be too much to repair by this method. The previous owner must have been too violent when cleaning the inside of the rear screen!
  6. A Google search revealed this:- Apparently known issues with bad earth connections, particularly in the dash behind the audio unit.
  7. Received my audio unit removal keys in the post today and withdrew the head unit this evening. There is no white connector in the C port so bang goes my theory about the connector tied to the airbag loom. So it's off to do a deal with a Ford parts depot for the aux cable - unless anyone knows where I can get the C connector only? Maplin, RS, Farnell? Thanks for the pointers Geoff.
  8. Snap. My wife has just bought a 2006 1.6LX - exactly the same, interference on AM good performance on FM. Reception is sort of OK as we get a strong signal from the high power BBC MW transmitters at Falkirk, but there is engine noise present on the audio. I have removed and cleaned the roof aerial rod threads, and checked the connection on the back of the radio. I will check for continuity in the aerial lead tomorrow. I have seen reports on various forums that the 6000CD performs poorly on AM. Shame as I am a big fan of Radio 5 Live :(
  9. Ironing out a few niggles on the Wife's new car - 2006 1.6LX. We have noted that the bottom 1/4 of the heated rear screen is not functioning. I can't see any obvious breaks in the element runs that are visible on the screen. Has anyone had experience with this? i.e. removed the hatch cover and examined the wiring arrangement for the heated element?
  10. Hi Geoff, Are you sure the Red/Black connector is for the Air Bag? It is identical to the connector in the thumb nail photos (there was a better photo on the website where I found the info). Also the wiring, when unravelled, reaches exactly to the rear of the indent on the glovebox top where the 3.5mm jack barrel would mount. Hence this connector plugs into the jack barrel. Also, 3 wires to the plug (L/R/Gnd??). I have ordered 4 x removal keys for the audio head unit off Ebay. If the white C Connector is present on the back of the unit I will trace through with a multi-meter to see if there is continuity and report back on my findings. Thanks for the warning as I don't want to tamper with the Air-Bag circuit :o
  11. I want to connect an MP3 player to the 6000CD unit on my 2006 1.6LX Following extensive investigations, both on this Forum and the Internet, I removed the glove box and found the Aux In cable tied onto the passenger air-bag cable loom. However, the barrel for the 3.5mm jack socket is not present. See the attached photos found on Google Images. Does anyone know if this barrel can be purchased separately or is only supplied as part of the complete cable kit (i.e. circa £20)? I'm not overly worried as I have found the Aux-In C-connector pin-out detail and may just solder a connector from Maplins onto the cable end and mount this on a switch blank in the centre console. I am pleased at having saved buying an Aux cable from Ford :D
  12. Hi Folks, Just joined this evening and doing a bit of research for my Wife's replacement motor which she is collecting tomorrow. I'm preparing to buy replacement plugs, filters, oil, etc. It's a new shape 1.6LX on an 06 plate. When I enter the registration no. into the etis website it tells me - Build Date:14.02.2006 1.6L Zetec-S PFI (100PS). Other web research hints at the Duratec engine for this model. Can you knowledgeable folks confirm which engine was supplied? Look forward to browsing the forums here. Regards