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  1. Facelift Focus Stereo In Mk2?

    I cant see why not as long as its from the same mark as yours. Neil.....
  2. Foc Stickers

  3. Unlocking

    Hi guys. Hope you can help because its getting on my nerves........ When I unlock the car it unlocks the driver side the I have to push the button again to unlock the rest of the doors. Is there a way of unlocking all the doors at once. Neil......
  4. Current favourite game.

    heavy rain and burnout paradise
  5. Reversing Camera

    I have on a focus 99 and a focus 51 easy to do use them all the time.Have the same one on my BMW if you look above the 3 you will see the camera. Neil.......
  6. I had to fit a reversing camera to my focus and I'm sure the wire is green and yellow striped like an earth cable. that was on a hatchback not to sure were the wire will be on a estate but should be the same colour. Neil................. :D
  7. Control Stalk

    Bump please help on this one I cant find the wiring diagram on the net. Neil...............................
  8. Erratic Revving On 1999 Focus

    Thanks again mate have to double check my spare battery its of my BMW.

    whartonneil psn on with heavy rain at the moment but always on burnout paradise........ :lol:
  10. Erratic Revving On 1999 Focus

    thanks for that i have a spare battery i will give it a try. Neil...... B)
  11. Erratic Revving On 1999 Focus

    :blink: You didn't read the post properly when you start the car all the clocks go all the way to max then back down to zero before settling at 1000rpm when its cold and 750 when its warm. Neil...... ;)
  12. Erratic Revving On 1999 Focus

    I've just bought the same model and mine does the same thing when you start her up. I thought it was a problem with the clocks but looks like its normal. For your other problem I have no idea hope that some one else can help you. Neil...... :)
  13. Facebook

    Sorry about that I have different user names all over the place its Neil Wharton. ;)
  14. FOC Photography Thread

    I didn't think there was a photography page brilliant I can start posting images.
  15. Facebook