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  1. Happy Birthday ilsonemo!

  2. leak off pipes have hair line cracks apparently, just enough to let air in and next to no fuel out
  3. well I had RAC out to it this morning to put there fault reader on it, it came back with a "fuel rail low pressure" DTC. It has a warranty so I have taken it in to the garage and let them fettle with the thing I have had an extensive look at the fuel system but i cannot see any leaks or anything that causes concern, but I am sure there is air getting into the system somewhere
  4. when i park facing up hill its a ball ache to start, when parked facing down hill its no problem ???
  5. Thanks for the advice up to now, I went out to it this morning with camera at hand so i could record it and low and be hold it hasn't done it (sods law eyy) Ill try what you have all said and keep you updated :)
  6. To be fair its due a service in a few weeks, it had a full service April 2013 which was all filters fresh anti freeze and fresh brake fluid (Ford Genuine Parts)
  7. Hi I fitted a new battery and glow plugs to my focus about a month ago. All has been fine up until yesterday. I got in the car started it (first turn of the key) it ran for 30 seconds and just as i went to set off the engine just died. I tried to restart it, it was cranking fine just no attempt to start. Half an hour later it finally burst into life and was fine all day. Came out to the car this morning and the same happened again. once its started its fine all day it just seems the problem happens when it has been left over night. anyone else had the same or similar ? and if so what was wrong with yours ? thank you
  8. BTW i am on about the whole unit, not just the bulb ;)
  9. Is there a Guide to removeing a Focus MK1 Headlight ? If so can someone point me in the right direction as i have tried searching on here and cant fine one. Not as easy as it looks Thank You
  10. My Focus 1.8 TDCI is telling my i have an average of 45mpg
  11. a video of the noise from mine sorry sound quality may be rubbish but its good enough to hear knocking
  12. did you ever solve the rattling problem ? i have the same rear offside rattle but if i put the hand brake on one click no noise thankyou
  13. I have already replaced the ARB drop links and D bushes, and it didnt solve it
  14. 1.34 seconds metallic noise, any idea what it could be ? ive looked everwhere there is nothing loose or hanging off thanks