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  1. Hi From South Africa..! Great Site... Looks like you guys in UK are also crazy about modifying your Fords like us here in South Africa. We have had an amazing response from Ford owners all over the world for our SWR performance camshafts and racing 4-2-1 exhaust manifolds! We have sent performance parts to such places as, Reunion Islands, Brazil, Mexico, Holland, Venezuela, etc. We have been building and racing Zetec Rocam vehicles in South Africa for Team Ford Racing since 2001. With all our experience gained, we have now launched SWR performance products for the Zetec Rocam engines. We already have happy customers using our products in UK! Click here to view our available SWR products online: If anybody needs more information regarding our products please feel free to post on this Topic... Look foward to hearing from you guys! Regards Steve Pictures of customers cars in South Africa: Fiesta MK6----------------Fiesta MK5------------------Ka 1.3-------Bantam(courier)Pickup 1.6 Here are some pictures of the Cars we raced and developed and who we have sponsored: Fiesta Mk5 / Fiesta Saloon (ikon) / Falcon XR8 Fiesta MK5 / Fiesta Saloon (ikon) Fiesta ST150 / Focus ST170 Ford Falcon XR8 that Steve Wyndham Raced Other Cars at the workshop where fitting is done: Tyrell F1 Escort RS1600 / Tyrell F1