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  1. Hey great cars ive had mine for about a year, ive not had a problem with it & its hardly started rusting unlike my standard puma i had before which was murder for rust mainly at the arches. If you want more info etc check out pumapeople.com or the frp owenrs club lots of great info on there. Only main problem ive had is with stonechips which is also another common thing with FRPs & standard ones. Defo a great fun car to drive ive enjoyed having mine handles great! going to regret selling it but will have to as they dont have much boot room as i am expecting my 1st child.
  2. For more info on show or club stands head to - www.revitupuk.co.uk or Email - revitupuk@hotmail.com
  3. Have Owned.. mk4 1.2 fiesta (02 reg) 1.7 puma Own.. #345 Racing Puma (2000)
  4. Hey :D Im Lorna, 21 from Ayrshire, Drive a Ford Racing Puma love it! fun car to drive! :D Done year at college doing vehicle body repair/refinishing Worked as a labourer for drystone dyking company but no longer as im going to be a 1st time mum :D Also used to Passenger for Bike&Sidecar racing but also gave up due to an accident involving a minimoto & also becoming a mum.
  5. 21 22 in October :D
  6. sorry wasnt mine i never put mine on stand :( wish i did though after seeing another frp at it :( but getting up & driving to ingliston from ayrshire at 6am is a mission when your 20 weeks pregnant lol
  7. thank you ! :D
  8. From the album My FRP #345/500

  9. From the album My FRP #345/500

  10. From the album My FRP #345/500

  11. From the album My FRP #345/500

  12. From the album My FRP #345/500

  13. From the album My FRP #345/500

  14. From the album My FRP #345/500