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  1. Climate Contol

    HI all i was wondering if anybody new whether a manual heater control on a mk3 mondoe ( 03 lx tdci) can be replaced with an automatic climate control? and how to tell what bph engine i have ? the engine code is hjbb1, thanx in advance for all your help
  2. Log Book

    yeah thats what i thought but the guy i bought it off just handed me the whole thing, i didn`t even think to ask him to sign it but yeah it has the owners name on it so i guess i could just get a m8 to sign it. but maybe phone the dvla tomorrow and see what they say. thanx for the responses
  3. Log Book

    Yeah thought about that but just wanted to be sure that it was not a standard thing as its been cat d, you know why it aint signed, then i sign it as someone else and they notice and think "hold on a minute this guys at it" and end up in trouble :(
  4. Log Book

    Hi all just looking for some advice, i have just bought a cat d mondeo mk3 with the log book but the red declaration of sale has not been signed buy the previous owner, how do i go about getting the log book in my name?