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  1. Hello people, I have a friend who has a Focus S-Max 1.8 TDCI of 2007, and he wanned to know where was the OBD plug location. I tried looking all over the car and found nothing... Tried internet too, also unsuceful. I have Autodata, and there is a pic where it shows where the plug was supposed to be ...but honestly I cannot find plug anywhere near where the pic says it is... So I decided to ask you guys, maybe you can help me. Hope so! Thx in advance ;)
  2. Hello everyone, I'm just a Ford curious, altho I pretty much enjoy the brand :) At the moment I have no Ford, but already had 2 Mondeos: the SW and the sedan. The SW was diesel, pretty nice one, and the sedan was gasoline... ended up robbed and burned :( too bad, was a nice car. Both were from around 94-95. I'm from Portugal, and from now on I might have some questions for you guys hehe Thank you ;)