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  1. Happy Birthday henan!

  2. Hi I've a 1996 Fiesta Ghia. The garage quoted £625. It's as much as the car's worth! Also, anyone know any trustworthy garages in Chichester?
  3. Hello Everyone

    Hi there I've a few miles on my clock - rather like my car! It's a 1996 Fiesta Ghia, and is showing its age. It's a good little car in many respects, especially its engine (so far - fingers crossed!) but sadly doesn't get driven very much. I hope to remedy that if it's worth fixing. Any suggestions or advice from anyone would be hugely appreciated. Cheers Henan
  4. Hi there I have a 1996 Fiesta Ghia. The clutch pedal moves in and out as it fancies (intermittent at the moment). It doesn't seem to affect the gears, though. Garage said it was "other slave leaking" and quoted £625. This seems rather expensive - more than the car's worth! I really would appreciate any advice. Many thanks in advance :(