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  1. i have a ford escort convertable, and i have ran out of oil in the roof pump, I have looked for a replacement oil and have been told that i have to get it from Ford Dealership, but other webpages have hinted that a hydrolic jack oil will do, I think it was c115. could anyone tell me if this is ok to use or a good alternative so i dont have to pay main dealer prices for someting just as good.
  2. Limited Edition Ford?

    I couldn't tell you mate i have never seen a episode of life on mars. The best way i could discribe it is orange bronze / copper... If my car is a rare colour cus only a certain amount were sprayed wouldnt that make it a limited edition.. or would it be rare because no-one brought a escort in that colour... I have attached a picture of my car so people can see the colour for themselves
  3. Hi im new to this site mainly to find the answer to this question. I own a Ford Escort Convertable. 1996 1.6. When i brought the car the bloke said to me its a limited edition colour. The Colour is a Orange Bronze and i have searched all over the internet and could not find any details saying that it is a limited edition coulor. I also sent a email to the main ford website but they never got back to me. Then i was refered to the ford owners club, and was told that someone on here may no. I hope someone can help me, it would be good to know when i try to sell the car.