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  1. It tells you that you that the "MENU" button is active, but others are not. If the stereo is on, the available options are lit up (CD/AUX/MENU, etc.)
  2. My 95PS is the same (now done 2300 miles)... very sluggish at low revs, and then a burst of power at about 1800 I can't really remember the 90PS I test drove, but I am sure I would have noticed it.
  3. There was a small early repayment charge - something like £50.. so well worth it.
  4. Similar experience here - excellent deal, via a Chesterfield dealer and scrappage trade-in (except it was a 400 mile round trip from the south coast - which made a nice day out!) I got a finance package only to get the £500 (or whatever) rebate, and paid it off within a couple of weeks. Local dealer would only give me an ex-demo car for the price from dealdrivers.
  5. double post - see below
  6. double post
  7. I filled up & reset my trip readings before doing a trip to see family - about 20 miles round trip, max 40mph. Managed to get about 56mpg on the trip. Compared to my usual 42 mpg on 3 mile commute, this was really good! I worked out that on this 3 mile commute, I have to stop at 19 junctions or traffic lights, so it really is stop & start all the time, and the engine doesn't really warm up, so is really bad for mpg.
  8. Am I doing something wrong in ETIS? I don't see a Vehicle Software heading.. just Lookup and Summar. Maybe it is for registered users only....
  9. I usually only do 10 minute trips at less than 40mph, and noticed the fan sometimes staying on after switchoff, even in the snow. On the mpg thread, it was mentioned that every 500 miles or so, it does some extra phase that gets the DPF very hot to blast out the particulates.. and the fan often runs for a few minutes after switchoff when in this phase.
  10. Thanks for all the info. I have definitely noticed the fan staying on quite often when I stop.... even in this cold weather and on 3 mile trips... so it must be doing it's regen. Have now done 2 x 100 mile round trips on motorways so it has now had a bit of a "blast". Managed 50.6 mpg at cruise-controlled 64 (69 on speedo, 64 on GPS) in no traffic for 40 miles. Don't like going that slow though! I think I overtook one caravan, but everything else was whizzing past. Think I will now forget about economy, and go back to normal driving style, and just get 40mpg but feeling happier!
  11. Yes, it does have a DPF. I was told it would be OK as long as I gave it a motorway blast every "now and again"... but how often is that? I'm sure the handbook says something similar, but I can't find the section now. I expect to go on a "long" (> 10 miles!) trip approx every 3 months (700 miles). (Many years ago, I used to do 500 miles a week... but now have everything I need close to hand)
  12. I wanted low CO2 and high torque... I prefer driving with lower revs, and fewer gear changes needed while sitting in slow traffic. I used to have a Mazda MX-3 V6 which had no torque, and low power until you got to about 4000 rpm... and only did 22mpg on my daily run... so wanted a change! It wasn't that much dearer that a petrol (cost me £11.5k after scrappage in March).
  13. My 1.6 TDCi (95PS) has now done 1400 miles (since June!) I am getting about 41mpg at the moment (with all the lights, heating on) - but it is only a 3 mile trip to work. Was getting about 46mpg in the summer. Average speed is 18 mph - max speed limit on the roads I use is 40... and lots of traffic lights. (and I have a delicate right foot) Used the motorway for the first time on Boxing day - After resetting the computer, I got 48mpg at cruise-controlled 70mph for approx 40 miles. so how do I get 70mpg? drive at 50? I'll try that on New Year's eve trip.
  14. I believe it needs coding. An installation manual I saw once said that it is locked to the VIN number of the car on first use.
  15. My front screen (Titanium) definitely comes on without touching the buttons - you can see the non-cleared strips down the side, and one thin strip down the centre of the screen. I usually notice this about 200 yards before I reach work....