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  1. Under Bonnet Insulation

    oh yeah, i've got the leaky washer jets, getting the new ones done this thursday :). getting the dealer to make sure the plugs haven't rusted in the head too
  2. Under Bonnet Insulation

    yeah it's the foam like stuff attatched to the underside bonnet. i'm surprised the petrols don't have it, as i'm sure it would keep the noise down, especially on motorways. if i can get some i'll whack it on and see. i'm sure the heat won't affect it at all, there's plenty of air flow on the mk2 1.6 zetec. alot of other petrol cars have this stuff on ...
  3. Under Bonnet Insulation

    hi chaps does anyone know if the mk2 focus comes with bonnet insulation as standard? mine hasn't got any, but i think there should be some there. where would be the best place to get some with the clips? has everyone elses car got this under the bonnet? Thanks