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  1. Thanks for this, when I get time in the summer I will be giving this a go.
  2. Add me to the list, been getting is since I got the VanCar.
  3. Thanks for that just added the brush and a pack of the "bog standard" MF's. Order sent Suppose I should now get a pressure but I'll wait and see after my first wash.
  4. Right I've got my shopping list made out with i4d but just need to know what I need to apply the Dodo Red Mist Spray with. Also do I need a brush for the wheel cleaner. My list ready to be sent; Dodo Juice Born to be mild Dodo Juice Red mist spray detailer Dri-U-Kwik microfibre drying towel Valet PRO Bilberry Sare Whell Cleaner Atomiza Handi Hold Detailing Bottle Atomiza Chemical Resistant Spray Head and I have a Mequires MF Wash Mitt brought from Halfords Cheers folks
  5. Thanks Gaz Good point about using a smaller towel for the bottom half of the car.
  6. Thanks for that. I've brought a Meguires microfible wash mitt and a bug remover sponge yesterday from Halfords. Also brought the drying blade but will now take that back. I will look into the shampoo, towel, wheel cleaner and wax that you mentioned. MARK
  7. Hi all I would like a bit of advise as to what to buy for just giving the car a good quickish wash. Should I add/remove anything from the following and which brands will do a good job 2 Buckets Shampoo Wash Mitt Drying Blade Drying Towel Wheel Cleaner Quick Wax / Polish Glass Spray Cheers