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  1. Hello all! I've joined as a couple of my friends have Fiestas, and have a few issues which I'll post shortly. I had a Mk4 diesel for a short time, 2 cam belt tensioner failures and countless other issues meant my love for it was short-lived and I got myself something else. The cars I joined here for are a 1.3 Encore (1997) and a 1.25 LX (1997). I'll be the enemy as I have an MG ZS TD150 and a Rover 620ti (197bhp), so I won't talk about them here ;) Anyway, that's me, over and out. :D
  2. Hi all, my friend has a Mk4 1.25 and whenever it's cold it kangaroos very badly, and also when higher speeds are reached the power drops off and slows down to in the 60s, dropping a gear doesn't help either. Any ideas chaps? :P