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  1. Help With Fixing Air Con On Mk2 Focus

    Are they still cheaper than going to a Ford garage though? I enquired at a local Ford garage and was quoted just over £400 (including VAT) for fitting the condenser and regassing.
  2. I bought a 55 plate Mk2 Focus 2.0 TDCi Ghia in October last year. I went to a local place in St Helens to see about getting the air conditioning re-gassed and it didn't appear to be working. At first it was though to be a leak in one of the pipes, so I ordered as new pipe part from a Ford garage for this place to fit it. I got the part and went back to the place. When I returned, I was informed it was not the pipe leaking but the condenser had failed. I endured the hot summer without air con (not a pleasant experience I have to say!). I'm now thinking where I can take it for a new condenser to be fitted, without having to go the a Ford garage. Does anyone know of anywhere independent in the St Helens area or within a few miles of St Helens that can help here?
  3. Mk 1 Ford Focus Won't Start

    My Dad put a new fuse in today and it blew again. I wonder if it's the earthing/wiring to the fuel pump?
  4. Mk 1 Ford Focus Won't Start

    Any idea how much a new pump would cost?
  5. Mk 1 Ford Focus Won't Start

    I have a X-reg Ford Focus 1.8 LX Mk1, which I have had for 4 years now and has never failed to start. One morning couple of weeks before Christmas, I found that it wouldn't start. I put some distilled water in the battery and charged it up and it then was working as normal. However, earlier this week it has failed to start again. I charged the battery but still wouldn't work so my Dad had a look at the car (he is also a Focus owner), and found that the fuse to the fuel line had blown. He put a new fuse in today and managed to take it for a short drive, although it was sounding rough. When I came to try it myself this evening I found that it just won't start again. Anyone out there know what is the likely cause?
  6. Heater Failure

    Got it fixed! :) It turned out the heater switch had gone kaput. Got one from a Ford garage for just £20. Only thing now is, the radio will now need to be re-coded.... :(
  7. Heater Failure

    Just checked the fuse, and that doesn't seem to be the problem. I bet this is going to cost a fortune to fix My dad (who also has a Focus - a 53-plate TDCi Zetec) is trying to have a look at it though. It now makes me now wonder if I should now part-ex it or sell it for scrap as a last resort.
  8. Heater Failure

    Thanks. I used to have a Fiesta too before the Focus as well. :)
  9. Heater Failure

    I have an X-reg Focus 1.8 LX with air con. Whilst driving to work this morning (Friday 19th March), the heater fan suddenly packed in working and will not work on any setting. I switched the air con button on (although I never use it in winter) to see if this made a difference and no light came on. This has never happened before, and just asking anyone out there what I need to do to fix it. Could it just be the fuse or is it something else? I'd appreciate any help on this matter. Thanks