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  1. Cd 6000 E-O-N

    Hello again, may i ask you for help again, please give me a key about this: Serial: M009885 Model: 5000 2 CHANEL LHD
  2. Cd 6000 E-O-N

    thank you so much!!!!!! :P
  3. Cd 6000 E-O-N

    serial: M013277 model: 6000 CD TUNER LHD
  4. Cd 6000 E-O-N

    what i have to do to be able to out cd?
  5. Cd 6000 E-O-N

    i'm sorry if this topic isn't for here but i'm new member! may i ask how can i recieve a new code for my cd. i recharged my battery and now i don't have code :( Can someone help me? CD 6000 E-O-N