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  1. Loud Metallic Engine Noise

    Hi Artscot79. Thanks for your reply. I carried out a scan this evening: - - Misfire on cyl 1, - Misfire on cyl 4, - Cam sensor. I know why the cam sensor code was thrown, (garage left it disconnected and also I removed it whilst engine running). Not experienced misfiring, but I did pull leads while engine was running to check spark strength, so it could have been that which caused the code to be logged. No code for oil pump fault or oil pressure. No red warning light on dash to indicate oil pressure issue. My thoughts are bottom end conn' bearings too. Is that a big job? I bet the crank bearing surface(s) will be rough by now. Regards Deggles.
  2. Loud Metallic Engine Noise

    Hello Simcor, First thanks for your reply. I hope I didn't put my post in the wrong section, but I'm surprised I've only got one response given the number of questions I asked. I'll try to get a video of it and post a link here, but in short it sounds like a Massey Ferguson tractor on a bad day. The noise is hard to locate precisely, but I'm certain its mid to lower part of the block - so possibly rings, conn rod bearings or crank journal bearings. I've had the valve cover off and run it. All looks ok - no broken or unseated parts. I did ask about a lazy tappet but had no response. Just how noisy would a lazy tappet be? By the way, I was surprised not to see oil shooing around in there, but it was still very well wetted with oil. I'm still very curious as to why the cam position sensor is seemingly doing nothing. Perhaps it only has a function when the engine is under load? I've bought a boro-scope today and will inspect the tops of the pistons looking for any obvious signs of damage. Anyone know where I might be able to download a Focus Mk2 1.6L petrol engine manual please? Preferably free, I'm going to strip this engine soon. Regards Deggles
  3. Loud Metallic Engine Noise

    My wife owns a relatively low mileage Focus Mk2 (68k miles) with Auto gearbox. At the weekend she returned from a shopping trip and advised me "the engine is making a ticking noise". When I lifted the bonnet and asked her to start it, I was horrified to hear a noise like a ball peen hammer on a welders bench! The car had been serviced with fresh 5W-30 ford spec oil, new filter etc. only 3 weeks prior, and was running very smoothly. The oil level is still correct as it should be, and clean in appearance. There is no smoke (white or otherwise) being emitted from the exhaust. A very short road test revealed that it didn't seem to be down on power, but automatic gear changes had become very rough. I note that if the cam position sensor is disconnected from the harness, this has no effect on the engine revs or note. Starting the engine whilst the cam position sensor was disconnected also had no effect, which confuses me. Any ideas as to why? I have removed the valve train cover, and the noise does not seem to be from high up in there, but lower down. How low down is hard to say. Compression tests were not easy to do, as my threaded adaptor is for BMW and not ford, therefore I could not screw the pressure gauge hose into the head. However I did manage to use the traditional conical rubber bung and held the assembly onto the open plug port. Circa 12 bar for all 4 cylinders (not sure if this is a good pressure - please advise). The inlet and exhaust cam slots could be aligned, but I was unable to verify if this coincided with the flywheel pinning position (is that the same as tdc?). Could this possibly be a timing belt slip? A lazy tappet? Conn rod bearing (big/small end)? In all my time, spannering away on cars, I've not ever heard an engine as noisy as this one. I'd be grateful for any pointers or suggestions please guys. Sorry, there are lots of questions in there, hopefully thought provoking :) Regards, Deggles.
  4. Pulling my hair out

    Any moisture dripping from the exhaust, even after its warmed through?
  5. Pulling my hair out

    Hi, Have you carried out a compression test on all the cylinders? This sounds exactly like a problem I had a few years ago on a BMW. It transpired I had a leak path between two adjacent cylinders. Very intermittent depending upon temperature. Just a thought.
  6. Ford Focus Keys

    Hi.... can anyone tell me how many keys I should have for a 56 ford focus. At the moment I have 1 remote (fixed key, type 2) and 1 non remote (fixed key). Should I also have a remote with folding key (type 1)? The owners manual isnt clear on whether you get both types of remote key, or just one + the non remote type. Thanks in advance. Deggles
  7. Have I Found A Concealed Button?

    Thanks to all for your speed and informative responses. Now I know what it is, I've been able to look it up and find it in the owners handbook. Cheers Guys Deggles.
  8. Have I Found A Concealed Button?

    Thanks for your quick response guys. I am wondering now why the blanking cover is missing. Perhaps it has been necessary to reset the pump at some time, ie maybe the care was involved in an accident? Thanks anyway. Kind regards, Deggles.
  9. Hi all. Im new to the forum today, joining as Im a bit concerned that I may have pressed something I shouldn't have. oops!! A couple of days ago I bought a used Ford Focus. Its a UK, 2005, 1.6L Automatic Zetec. Whilst giving it a good clean inside today, I discovered that the circular blanking cover that goes into trim on the footwell, close to the throttle pedal and near the lower door hinge was missing. Wondering if the blanking cover had simply been forced inside at some time, I put my finger into the hole, and downwards vertically. I felt a soft rubber cap and as i pushed it I realised it felt like more like an electrical button I was pressing. Have I discovered a concealed electrical button for engine diagnostic or throttle setup perhaps? Might I have caused any problems by pressing this? The engine was running at the time. I would be very grateful if anyone could advise me what this is for. Thanks in advance for your help. Regards Deggles