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  1. Focus Tyre monitoring system

    Thanks again, hopefully my final question. Do the new new tyre monitors need coding to the car or will it just work?
  2. Focus Tyre monitoring system

    Less than £200 including fitting do you think?
  3. Focus Tyre monitoring system

    Thanks for all your replies. Any ideas how much it would cost at Ford to get the correct valves attached to my Winter steel wheels?
  4. Focus Tyre monitoring system

    Hi, I have a July 2014 Focus 1L ecoboost, had it for 6 months. I've just put my Winter steel wheels/tyres on and now I'm getting a "tyre monitoring system malfunction warning" The pressures are correct, the malfunction warning has been reset by resetting the pressure on the dashboard but it comes back after a few miles. It is not a tyre pressure warning but a system malfunction warning. Looking at my 18" Summer wheels/tyres, the valves look like normal rubber valves not chunky so I thought the pressure monitoring system is based on the ABS and not a sensor in the wheel. Ford Etis says, " Tyre Pressure Sensors - 433 MH" Does anyone know for definite if my Summer wheels have sensors in them? If thats the case then I'll need to get them fitted to my Winter wheels. Thanks, Chris