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  1. Well, I have a feeling that this alarm is a bit more basic. It has gone off the last three times I've set it at 7.30am 12.40am and 10.00pm
  2. Hi there,, I Have a 1993 Mark 5 Escort. It is no longer in good nick after just one year as someone reversed into it soon after I purchased it and three weeks ago, some kids thought it would be good fun to bend my passenger door back. It has it's original ford fitted alarm. Because of the criminal damage and the fact that a garage is an impossibility I am very keen to keep the car fully alarmed. Unfortunately the alarm tends to go off randomly and a friend has suggested to me that it might be a 'trembler' and that it can possibly be adjusted to not be so sensitive. Can anyone tell me if it might be an adjustable alarm please?? I have had contact from two ford dealers. One has told me he feels certain that it works via switches in the doors and bonnet, he also is pretty certain that alarm cannot be disconnected as it is on same circuit as immobilisor. Had an email from another dealer and he has stated that.... "there is a self test system on this car, which a Ford dealer could carry out for you". Due to the damage to the car, it is now worth pretty much nothing, but have recently spent £300 on it on MOT, tyres and second hand door, so really would like to keep it a while longer, but I really cannot afford a ford car dealer. Can I do my own self test? Does anyone know of this alarm that I might have and if it can be adjusted?? Any info would be great!!! Diane