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  1. had a main battery die on my 07 focus, after the new battery was fitted and i entered my 4 digit radio code (6000cd) the button on my steering wheel stick (voice) doesn't work anymore and the green and red phone buttons on the radio just "Mute".. I have tried:- 1:- pulling the fuse for 20-30 Min's then re-entering the code. 2:- disconnecting main battery for 1 hour then re-entering the code. 3:- removed glove box and unplugged nokia bluetooth module and re-connected. 4:- removed the 6000cd and checked plugs to rear. last resort is to take it to fords (under warranty) but when i explained the issue at my ford dealers they just looked at me and said are you sure you have that option fitted, does your phone detect bluetooth Pfft! after I pointed to a sales poster with my exact 6000cd with bluetooth kit advert they just shrugged their shoulders and said book it in and we will take a look,,, does not exactly instill confidence. anything else that I could try before i let my ford dealers loose on my car. for example does the radio code tell the radio what type it is ??? would there be 2 codes 1 for 6000cd and one for nokia adapter or has the change of battery fubared my bluetooth ?? thanks